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The Problem: The Cost of Health Care is Out of Control

If you think it’s pricey to go to the doctor, have you seen the cost of health insurance lately? It is beyond ridiculous. Yet, many people who pay all or most of their own insurance premiums are opting to stay with their over-priced health plans. This is a recipe for disaster.

The Solution: Health Savings Account Plans

In January 2004, Congress approved a new type of health care plan called the health savings account. In the ensuring years, these plans have become wildly popular with over 7 million people now covered by these HSA insurance plans. But what are these plans? Why are they so popular? And how can they help you cut your health care cost?

Our site will help you answer those and many other questions about HSA plans. So please, make yourself at home as you surf the site. Use the various links to learn specific info, and please be sure to give us the opportunity to compete for your health insurance business by clicking the button to “get quotes” for high deductible health plans.

So just what is a health savings account plan?

Simply stated, a health savings account plan combines (1) a high deductible health insurance policy (”HDHP”) with (2) a special, tax-sheltered savings account. Sounds easy, right? But there are a couple of hurdles. First, the high deductible plan must be one that is specially designed by the insurance company to meet requirements for HSA compatibility set forth by Congress via the IRS. In other words, if you already have a “high deductible” insurance policy, it probably is not qualified to work with a health savings account, which means you’ll need to switch plans and possibly switch insurance companies. And that brings us to the other major hurdle — you must be insurable to qualify for a new high deductible health plan that is HSA-qualified under the law. Unfortunately, this may disqualify anyone with conditions typically considered uninsurable, such as diabetes, etc.

How We Can Help You

That’s where we can help. Our insurance agency has specialized in high deductible plans since 1980. Today, our focus lies exclusively with high deductible plans that are qualified to work in conjunction with a health savings account. We represent numerous highly rated, and highly regarded, insurers that offer HSA-qualified high deductible plans in over 35 states. We work closely with you to help you identify the best plans to fit your needs, and then we work hard to help ensure that your new plan is issued in a timely manner and with the most favorable underwriting outcome possible.

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